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Driving Business Agility in A Digital World

During the last decade or more, the business world has officially moved into a new and exciting digital age. With intelligent or “extreme” automation on the forefront of many company’s agendas, CFOs have to be prepared for this shift that has already begun taking...

Wide, Wide World of Due Diligence

An acquisitions attorney took a rather frustrated call from his client following the completion of an acquisition, with the awkward question regarding a particular operational surprise: “Why didn’t you think of that?”  It’s easy to imagine that the client had earlier...

Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer An excerpt from the book The Transition Game, written by CFOLC member Greg Olney. For more information on Olney, scroll down. The “Divide & Conquer” strategy can be a good thing if you’re talking about an algorithm set in recursion to divide a problem...

The Indispensable CFO: Viewpoint From Angela Tise, National Membership Chair & Northeast Regional Director

Coming up on December 11th in our NYC chapter, we are holding a discussion that I know will be quite interesting – the topic is on The Indispensable CFO.  This title made me think to myself, what does a CFO ( or financial executive headed toward this position) have to...

Spotlight on Information Technology

“It wasn’t so many years ago that pre-acquisition assessments of a company’s technology were limited to check-the-box activities”, reflected Patrick Moroney, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Central States Funds and previously CIO of several private equity-backed...

Opening the Door to Acquisitions – Identifying and Engaging with Sellers

Some companies pursue growth through acquisitions by initiating a search for potential targets suited to their strategy.  Other firms may be prompted to consider acquisition by seeing potential in a company they already do business with (or compete against). Whether a...

Tax Reform 101: What CFOs Need To Know Now

In December 2017, the president signed into law H.R. 1, originally known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The new law (Public Law No. 115-97) represents the culmination of a lengthy process in pursuit of business tax reform over the course of more than 20 years. The legislation includes substantial changes to the taxation of individuals, businesses in all industries, multinational enterprises, and others. Overall, it provides a net tax reduction of approximately $1.456 trillion over the 10-year “budget window” (according to the estimates provided by the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) that do not take into account macroeconomic/dynamic

4 Takeaways from The Trump Effect in 2018: Thoughts from our New Jersey Chapter

With the pace of change in Washington, our CFOLC chapters are often asked to host events that can provide some insight into today’s most important issues. Last week, our New Jersey Chapter held a webinar titled “The Trump Effect in 2018.” The speaker, James Slotnick, Head of Government Relations from Sun Life Financial, packed a fair amount of information into the event, and there were a few items that really stood out to me that are worth sharing: While the highlight of President Trump’s first year was moving tax reform through Congress, his ability to move U.S. Appeals Court judges

4 Conversations That Can Improve Your Cybersecurity Incident Response

Cyber attacks on US corporations are all too commonplace today; they accomplish varied objectives, such as disrupting computer information networks; gaining unauthorized access to systems; realizing economic incentives by accessing credit card information; and stealing critical intellectual property.  These attacks are launched by individuals, organizations, and states. Politically-motivated attacks (cyber warfare) are used to disrupt, access, or conduct espionage. Cyber threats, cyber-attacks, cyber terrorism, and cyber warfare can have an adverse effect on corporate profits, public confidence, stock markets, economic/service sectors, and other national critical infrastructures. Given their knowledge of the business and the relationships that they hold with internal

The 10 Habits of Highly Effective CFOs

Believe it or not, The CFO Leadership Council is over 11 years old. And since our early days, we’ve had thousands of conversations with hundreds of CFOs on how their role has evolved from ‘best accountant’ to ‘strategic partner’. A few years ago, our founder, Jack McCullough, started an informal research project to determine those key skills and attributes that separate truly elite CFOs from the rest of the pack. Based on these conversations, we’ve identified 10 key habits that high achieving leaders share. Now, a few caveats: We are not academics. Trust us, it’s better for everyone that way.

Maximize Your Membership With Our Virtual Round Table Discussions

Adhering to our commitment to provide unparalleled professional development opportunities, we excited about our new series of exclusive "members only" resources: our monthly Problem Solving Forums and quarterly Ask The Expert Calls.  These "virtual round table discussions" consist of phone sessions, perfect for exchanging ideas on a variety of current trends and topics. Taking place at 12 pm (Eastern Time) on the first Wednesday of every month, our Problem Solving Forums kicked off on October 4, with Private Equity Sponsors.  Led by Jeff Martini, a member of our Houston chapter and the Chief Operating and Finance Officer at Hicor Technologies,

Professional Development Has Never Been More Convenient– Just Dial In And Join Us!

Because we're an organization that prides itself on offering the best options for professional development and networking opportunities, adding value to your CFOLC membership is important to us.  To adhere to this promise, we are proud to announce a new series of exclusive "members only" resources: our monthly Problem Solving Forums and quarterly Ask The Expert Calls.  These one hour phone sessions will give you the chance to connect, learn, and exchange ideas on a variety of current trends and topics. Taking place at 12 pm (EST) on the first Wednesday of every month, our Problem Solving Forums will include

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