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Acquisition Strategy & Value Drivers | How to Maximize Your Company’s Sale Price

Acquisition Strategy & Value Drivers How to Maximize Your Company's Sale Price "As a CFO, take steps now to increase the value of the business before being ready to sell — whether this will be next year or five years down the road.” ~ Stuart Pasternak, Toronto...

CFOLC Announces Livestream Event ~ Winning The Fan’s Experience with Red Sox CFO

CFO Leadership Council, together with Host Analytics announce livestream event! Join CFOLC and Host Analytics as we bring the entire CFOLC community together across North America for an impactful virtual hour.  Tim Zue, EVP & CFO of the Boston Red Sox will present...

Rockstar Status! Jack McCullough Releases First Book “Secrets Of Rockstar CFOs”

Jack McCullough, Founder & President of The CFO Leadership Council releases his first book! The book was written based upon conversations Jack has had recently with dozens of the world’s best chief financial officers.  During these conversations, he discovered several...

Another Tax Increase on Business You Likely Are Not Prepared For

"The fact is that not a single “flex” building in Southern California charges for parking. So, what is something worth when hundreds of millions of square feet of flex buildings don’t value or charge for parking?" David Marino, EVP, Hughes Marino David Marino,...

10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team

10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team Advice from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council Today's finance team is no longer a group in the back office, counting the dollars, reporting the numbers and ensuring internal...

US-China trade deal coming soon? Big companies are not buying it

"While at a macro level it’s easy to understand the motivation behind the recent policy changes, I can’t find a single CFO who has told me it would be a positive for his or her business." Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council Jack McCullough,...

Future Finance Organizations Will Require Modern CFOs

Future Finance Organizations Will Require Modern CFOs Recently, over 550 companies have integrated AI into their services and products (CB Insights).  AI technology is now setting the stage for increased competitiveness.  Finance must be a part of this as well for it to provide value and be relevant.  The future of finance is now. Finance organizations will require Modern CFOs to lead the way. During this session, Scott Tynes, CEO Consero will share insights gained from working with numerous CFOs.  Scott’s discussion will highlight the challenges faced by the Modern CFO, why traditional solutions are failing to deliver the value expected of finance

The Expanding Role of the CFO 

  In February, the Austin Chapter of the CFO Leadership Council met for a panel addressing industry-wide changes to the role of Chief Financial Officers. Thought leaders from BigCommerce, Snap Kitchen, and Silverton Partners shared their experiences with the changing landscape of the CFO. The modern CFO is anything but a tactical partner; in fact, CFOs have evolved into an important strategic role in any organization. According to Adam Chibib, Partner at Silverton Partners, “CFOs in particular have a background in systems, processes and people, so they’re in the unique position to help from a strategy perspective.” Building an Ethos

Why Board Relations Matter And How To Maintain Them - Perspectives From Mike Dansby Of Consero Global

As an organization built “by CFOs and for CFOs”, we feel that our most valuable resources are our members and partners.  And, with an eclectic representation from a variety of industries and backgrounds, our knowledge base is vast, allowing us to focus on our mission to “empower CFOs”.  Adhering to this goal, we always offer new perspectives and first hand expert advice to you, directly from our sponsors, allowing you to access the best possible resources.  Known for providing companies with a greater level of financial insight and control, Consero Global, one of our renowned partners, serves to efficiently drive

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Our published resources, news, and upcoming events, all in one place!