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The CFO Essential Summer Reading List, Jack McCullough’s Latest for Forbes CFO Network

The CFO Essential Summer Reading List Chief Financial Officers use summer vacations to get caught up on their reading.   Jack is a Senior Contributor to Forbes CFO Network.  An excerpt below. Summer is here. And while the activities we have enjoyed in years past may...

Preserving Liquidity in Uncertain Times ~ Latest Series from Bank of America

Preserving Liquidity in Uncertain Times ~ Latest Series from Bank of America CFO Leadership Council is proud to align with Bank of America as a national partner.  They have you covered with new insights from working capital experts.  During an economic downturn,...

Every Day Is Game Day! An Interview with Mich Chandlee, CFO, Fanatics

Our CFO Leadership Council Founder, Jack McCullough sat down with Mich Chandlee to recap our recent CFO Masterclass Keynote session, "Effective Leadership Under Urgency".      MIT Sloan Executive Education and the CFO Leadership Council recently hosted a fireside chat...

Recover, Return, Restart: Next Steps to Elevate Your Business

As the economy begins to wake up, how do you begin to rethink your business model?  What are the crucial steps you’ll need to take in order to move forward?  Jack McCullough, the President of the CFO Leadership Council recently caught up with Certent CEO Jorge Martin...

The Fiscal and Physical Health of the Company ~ Session 4 of our CFO Masterclass Keynote Series

The Fiscal and Physical Health of the Company ~ Session 4 CFO Masterclass Keynote Series co-hosted by CFO Leadership Council & MIT Sloan Executive Education Know this - Your new normal is NOW and IS the new Un-Normal!  The challenges faced and changes needed are...

Survive Then Thrive In This New Reality! CFOLC Announces The CFO Academy

Survive To Thrive In This New Reality! CFO Leadership Council Announces The CFO Academy CFO's, We've Got Your Acceptance Letter for Summer School! Announcing our first-ever CFO Academy, a series of ask the expert virtual roundtables on a variety of hot topics to help...

Rookie Mistakes: Lessons Learned from CFOLC Members

Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council recently connected with CFOs across our 27 chapters on their rookie mistakes starting out in their careers & the big lessons learned.  He shares his findings. Several CFOLC members recently shared their “rookie mistakes” from earlier in their careers. It’s no surprise that I received some interesting responses. You’ll find as you read through them that most are easy to relate to and may have been one of your “rookie mistakes” too. Well, except the person who wrote back, “I can honestly say I never made a rookie mistake. I was just

A CFOs Imperative - Putting Your Controller In Control

A CFOs Imperative - Putting Your Controller In Control   It’s well-known that today’s CFO must be strategic to succeed.  But, what about their financial controller? Much like the CFO of ten years ago, today’s controller must buck the stereotype of an introverted number-cruncher. For CFOs to be strategic, their controller needs to evolve into a business-savvy and tech-savvy leader. They must provide insightful information, both financial and non-financial, about business operations. When this is realized, the quality of decision making to reduce risks and improve outcomes is greatly heightened. Unfortunately, many of today’s controllers aren’t “game day” ready for this new

Creating The Power To Get Things Done!  Spotlight on the CFO Leadership Conference kickoff keynote Christina Spade, CFO, CBS Corporation

Creating the power to get things done!  Spotlight on the CFO Leadership Conference Kickoff Keynote Christina Spade, CFO, CBS Corporation Creating the power to get things done - Closing the books is table stakes.  CFOs today must deliver much more.  Successful CFOs know how to shape themselves and their team to create influence over others they may not have assigned authority over. It’s called “Influence Power” and is the cornerstone for creating winning collaboration by finance across all levels of a company. Finance organizations with effective influence power guide their company to make winning strategic choices, know when a pivot in

Opening the Door to Acquisitions – Identifying and Engaging with Sellers

Some companies pursue growth through acquisitions by initiating a search for potential targets suited to their strategy.  Other firms may be prompted to consider acquisition by seeing potential in a company they already do business with (or compete against). Whether a potential acquisition surfaces through deliberate efforts or opportunistically, there are several important ways that a CFO can contribute to an acquirer’s success in the early days of identifying and engaging with potential sellers: A network that provides connections to potential sellers Informed speculation about a seller’s financial expectations and requirements for a deal Early assessment of a seller’s preparedness

How the #MeToo Movement is Changing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The climate of the workplace is ever-changing, but a recent shift that was spurred by the #MeToo movement is making it extremely important for companies and employees to pay even closer attention. With numerous states enacting new laws and legislation to respond to the public spotlight on sexual harassment and assault, C-suite level employees should strive to understand the transformation taking place. First, it’s important to understand what the #MeToo movement is and how it’s defined. While its name has many local and international alternatives, at its core the movement is fighting against sexual harassment and sexual assault. #MeToo initially

On The Spot Networking from Boston member Joyce Welsh, CFO, BrightWork

Are you ready to network on the spot in any situation? We all know that person who seems to fall into perfect opportunities over and over… the reason for their “luck” is that they are ready to network at a moment’s notice, so when the perfect opportunity presents itself, they are ready to go.   Well, little did I imagine that my driveway would set the stage for four sets of people and countless opportunities to be realized. The Players: My husband and yours truly Two founders of a local non-profit My realtor, his wife, and their son My son

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