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Acquisition Strategy & Value Drivers | How to Maximize Your Company’s Sale Price

Acquisition Strategy & Value Drivers How to Maximize Your Company's Sale Price "As a CFO, take steps now to increase the value of the business before being ready to sell — whether this will be next year or five years down the road.” ~ Stuart Pasternak, Toronto...

CFOLC Announces Livestream Event ~ Winning The Fan’s Experience with Red Sox CFO

CFO Leadership Council, together with Host Analytics announce livestream event! Join CFOLC and Host Analytics as we bring the entire CFOLC community together across North America for an impactful virtual hour.  Tim Zue, EVP & CFO of the Boston Red Sox will present...

Rockstar Status! Jack McCullough Releases First Book “Secrets Of Rockstar CFOs”

Jack McCullough, Founder & President of The CFO Leadership Council releases his first book! The book was written based upon conversations Jack has had recently with dozens of the world’s best chief financial officers.  During these conversations, he discovered several...

Another Tax Increase on Business You Likely Are Not Prepared For

"The fact is that not a single “flex” building in Southern California charges for parking. So, what is something worth when hundreds of millions of square feet of flex buildings don’t value or charge for parking?" David Marino, EVP, Hughes Marino David Marino,...

10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team

10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team Advice from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council Today's finance team is no longer a group in the back office, counting the dollars, reporting the numbers and ensuring internal...

US-China trade deal coming soon? Big companies are not buying it

"While at a macro level it’s easy to understand the motivation behind the recent policy changes, I can’t find a single CFO who has told me it would be a positive for his or her business." Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council Jack McCullough,...

Surviving Today’s Technology Complexity, One CAO’s True Story

Surviving Today’s Technology Complexity, One CAO’s True Story Requirements in the back office have grown exponentially while reporting deadlines remain fixed. New accounting standards, ASC606 and ASC 842, and new business models, such as the subscription economy and IoT, are driving this change.  Technology is the answer, but the game has changed significantly.   The “Cloud” was to provide new benefits but brings new challenges.  Instead of delivering insight to leadership, finance teams are forced to direct time to overcome these technology challenges. Old models for automating no longer apply, and finance leaders must embrace new approaches to avoid significant risks to the business. Tom Zauli, SVP & General Manager, Softrax will facilitate an insightful discussion with special guest speaker, Michael Smith, Chief Accounting Officer, Tyler Technologies at our 9th annual CFO Leadership Conference. (Pillar #5 – Technology, Disruption & Change ~ Tuesday, May 14th @ 10:40am).

CEO of Sand Hill East Offers Executive Primer on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

  This article was reposted with permission by our partners at Oracle + NetSuite, and was authored by Emily Houghton, Industry Marketing Lead. To view the original article, please go here. In preparation for the first installment of NetSuite’s upcoming four-part webinar series on blockchain and cryptocurrency, we sat down with Andy Brown, Founder and CEO of Sand Hill East to discuss some of the topics he will discuss in the first webinar, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Part 1: A Beginner’s Guide. Brown has an extensive background working with both big banks and small start-ups—from his time as CTO of UBS,

Confused about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? Read On.

  This article was reposted with permission by our partners at Oracle + NetSuite, and was authored by Emily Houghton, Industry Marketing Lead. To view the original article, please go here. Blockchain and cryptocurrency: the beloved buzzwords of the technology world. Due to their radical potential, these emerging technologies have been shrouded in doubt and confusion. Yet, even as awareness and adoption have steadily grown in recent years, many experts venture to call this silent revolution the fastest growing digital technology since the internet. With their inception in 2008, bitcoin (a type of cryptocurrency) and blockchain (bitcoin’s underlying technology) have

Impact of Revenue Recognition Standards Extends Far Beyond A&F from Tatum's President, Macon Albertson

  By Macon Albertson President, Tatum Professionals As if CFOs didn’t have enough on their plates with digital, automation and talent disruptions, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently updated their revenue recognition standards (ASC 606), ensuring that CFOs will be even busier in 2018. Issued as a means of standardizing revenue recognition in the global services economy, the new standards mean CFOs will lead adjustments in policies, systems, processes and controls for reporting revenue — arguably the most important metric in financial statements. Bloomberg calls it “the most historic accounting changes to hit U.S. capital markets in decades.” Although

4 Takeaways from The Trump Effect in 2018: Thoughts from our New Jersey Chapter

  With the pace of change in Washington, our CFOLC chapters are often asked to host events that can provide some insight into today’s most important issues. Last week, our New Jersey Chapter held a webinar titled “The Trump Effect in 2018.” The speaker, James Slotnick, Head of Government Relations from Sun Life Financial, packed a fair amount of information into the event, and there were a few items that really stood out to me that are worth sharing: While the highlight of President Trump’s first year was moving tax reform through Congress, his ability to move U.S. Appeals Court

13 Week Cash Flow Schedule ~ A Powerful Cash Management Tool: Advice from Julius Talley, CFOLC Chicago Member

  Article by Julius Talley, CFO, and Steering Committee Member, The Chicago CFO Leadership Council Insufficient cash is one thing that can threaten continuation of any business’ operations. Every business needs enough cash to start and sustain operations. Watching cash flow is critical to all businesses, no matter the industry or how long it’s been in operation. Your business can be Software as a Service (SaaS), oil & gas, manufacturing, wholesaling, a retail, education or health care. It matters not, managing cash is a must! The 13-week cash flow will help you predict cash for one fourth of a year.

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