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The Indispensable CFO: Viewpoint From Angela Tise, National Membership Chair & Northeast Regional Director

Coming up on December 11th in our NYC chapter, we are holding a discussion that I know will be quite interesting – the topic is on The Indispensable CFO.  This title made me think to myself, what does a CFO ( or financial executive headed toward this position) have to...

Spotlight on Information Technology

“It wasn’t so many years ago that pre-acquisition assessments of a company’s technology were limited to check-the-box activities”, reflected Patrick Moroney, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Central States Funds and previously CIO of several private equity-backed...

Opening the Door to Acquisitions – Identifying and Engaging with Sellers

Some companies pursue growth through acquisitions by initiating a search for potential targets suited to their strategy.  Other firms may be prompted to consider acquisition by seeing potential in a company they already do business with (or compete against). Whether a...

3 Skills Today’s Finance Leaders Need

The job description of the modern CFO has certainly changed in recent years. A chief financial officer no longer just crunches numbers and looks at financial statements all day. As traditional finance work continues to make the rapid shift to digital, transactional...

How the #MeToo Movement is Changing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The climate of the workplace is ever-changing, but a recent shift that was spurred by the #MeToo movement is making it extremely important for companies and employees to pay even closer attention. With numerous states enacting new laws and legislation to respond to...

Demonstrating Resilience and Adaptability in Changing Times

Every business landscape can prove challenging to navigate, but in today’s climate demonstrating resilience and adaptability is key when times get tough. At the 2018 CFO Leadership Conference, Rebook’s Craig Thornton, Vice President of Finance, and John Lynch, Vice...

New Talent Mandata For CFOs: Advice from Tatum's Monica Foster

This article was authored by Monica Foster, National Managing Partner of Talent Management, Tatum Associates, a proud national sponsor of The CFO Leadership Council. Many CFOs agree that finding qualified talent to join their team is their biggest constraint on growth, so investing in human capital is more important now than ever. The role of the CFO is undergoing a transformation at most organizations today: Gone are the days when the finance function existed as a backward-facing, number crunching silo. In its place is a vision of the CFO as a future-oriented, cross-functional leader capable of spearheading strategic planning to

International Transfer Pricing: Is the Tax Man about to Knock on Your Door?

Complying with international transfer pricing guidelines is challenging. Local authorities around the world are becoming much more protective of their tax revenues and international transfer pricing is under increased scrutiny. In addition, companies with non-compliant pricing practices are susceptible to tax penalties and significant interference from regulatory authorities. As a result, it is crucial that these companies, both large and small, ensure that their international transactions are not only compliant with transfer pricing guidelines, but also robust enough to stand up to increased scrutiny from tax authorities and designed to mitigate unintended tax exposures. Join us on Wednesday, September 23

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Our published resources, news, and upcoming events, all in one place!