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How Should You Measure a CFO’s Success?

How Should You Measure a CFO's Success? Insight from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council To measure the success of any C-Suite executive, there must be specific and measurable goals and objectives for the positions. The Chief Financial...

CFO Priorities For 2020 And Beyond, Jack McCullough’s latest Forbes article

CFO Priorities For 2020 And Beyond Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council is a regular contributor to Forbes.  CFOLC members weigh in on his most recent article.  An excerpt's below. Wow… it’s 2020. It’s the start of a new decade, which makes...

Are You a CFO, or is Your Goal to Become a CFO? Get a Mentor or Coach!

Are You a CFO, or is Your Goal to Become a CFO? – Get a Mentor or Coach!  “You wouldn't advise the CEO to proceed without a strategic plan, why should you?” ~ Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFOLC In the competitive world of C-Suit talent and high-value...

Acquisition Strategy & Value Drivers | How to Maximize Your Company’s Sale Price

Acquisition Strategy & Value Drivers How to Maximize Your Company's Sale Price "As a CFO, take steps now to increase the value of the business before being ready to sell — whether this will be next year or five years down the road.” ~ Stuart Pasternak, Toronto...

CFOLC Announces Livestream Event ~ Winning The Fan’s Experience with Red Sox CFO

CFO Leadership Council, together with Host Analytics announce livestream event! Join CFOLC and Host Analytics as we bring the entire CFOLC community together across North America for an impactful virtual hour.  Tim Zue, EVP & CFO of the Boston Red Sox will present...

Rockstar Status! Jack McCullough Releases First Book “Secrets Of Rockstar CFOs”

Jack McCullough, Founder & President of The CFO Leadership Council releases his first book! The book was written based upon conversations Jack has had recently with dozens of the world’s best chief financial officers.  During these conversations, he discovered several...

Nearly Half Of CFOs Don't Have A Succession Plan

Planning for Succession "Control your own destiny or someone else will!" ~ Jack Welch Most Say It's Because They're Not Planning to Leave Soon ~ A recent news release submitted by our sponsor Robert Half.   Change management is always a major concern for organizations, but few challenges are more disruptive than an executive departure. In a new survey from Robert Half Management Resources, only 52 percent of CFOs said they have identified a successor for their position. The research suggests small businesses (20-49 employees), in particular, may be less prepared to deal with potential leadership changes, with only 37 percent

Creating The Power To Get Things Done!  Spotlight on the CFO Leadership Conference kickoff keynote Christina Spade, CFO, CBS Corporation

Creating the power to get things done!  Spotlight on the CFO Leadership Conference Kickoff Keynote Christina Spade, CFO, CBS Corporation Creating the power to get things done - Closing the books is table stakes.  CFOs today must deliver much more.  Successful CFOs know how to shape themselves and their team to create influence over others they may not have assigned authority over. It’s called “Influence Power” and is the cornerstone for creating winning collaboration by finance across all levels of a company. Finance organizations with effective influence power guide their company to make winning strategic choices, know when a pivot in

Demonstrating Resilience and Adaptability in Changing Times

Every business landscape can prove challenging to navigate, but in today’s climate demonstrating resilience and adaptability is key when times get tough. At the 2018 CFO Leadership Conference, Rebook’s Craig Thornton, Vice President of Finance, and John Lynch, Vice President of CtC, shared their expert views and experiences on this topic and more. From the headquarters’ daring move to Boston’s Seaport District, to its new ‘Muscle Up’ Financial Fitness project, the duo shared how the business started exceeding goals in just 15 short months. Reebok, founded in 1895, has gone through a transformation over the decades. From Bolton, England where

Mindy Barker, CFOLC Co-Chair, Announces Release of Finance Book, Pitching To Win: Strategies for Success

Mindy Barker of Barker Associates and Co-Chair for The CFO Leadership Council's Jacksonville chapter, has announced the release of her new book Pitching to Win: Strategies for Success. Drawing on Barker’s extensive experience working in private equity and financial management, the book offers practical advice for pitching a business to investors, including how to get a company infrastructure-ready and how to create pitch materials.  Barker recently hosted a webcast for CFOLC members, sharing her expertise on the subject. Barker developed the idea for the book after seeing the need for a broader understanding of the process of selling a business and

Key Success Drivers In Deal Negotiations: Part III in Acquisition Strategy Series

  Authored by Joseph Feldman This article is the final in a 3-part series dedicated to acquisition strategy, and authored by Joseph Feldman, President of Joseph Feldman Associates. Plenty of ink has been spilled on negotiation strategy.  Some useful, some less useful (or simply not my style).  “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury is a personal favorite, though experience probably remains the most valuable resource. As such, this blog post will be limited to negotiation-related observations and recommendations useful to a CFO specific to business acquisitions, particularly private transactions in the middle (or lower middle) market.  We’ll

On The Spot Networking from Boston member Joyce Welsh, CFO, BrightWork

Are you ready to network on the spot in any situation? We all know that person who seems to fall into perfect opportunities over and over… the reason for their “luck” is that they are ready to network at a moment’s notice, so when the perfect opportunity presents itself, they are ready to go.   Well, little did I imagine that my driveway would set the stage for four sets of people and countless opportunities to be realized. The Players: My husband and yours truly Two founders of a local non-profit My realtor, his wife, and their son My son

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