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Rockstar Status! Jack McCullough Releases First Book “Secrets Of Rockstar CFOs”

Jack McCullough, Founder & President of The CFO Leadership Council releases his first book! The book was written based upon conversations Jack has had recently with dozens of the world’s best chief financial officers.  During these conversations, he discovered several...

Another Tax Increase on Business You Likely Are Not Prepared For

"The fact is that not a single “flex” building in Southern California charges for parking. So, what is something worth when hundreds of millions of square feet of flex buildings don’t value or charge for parking?" David Marino, EVP, Hughes Marino David Marino,...

10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team

10 Ways An Organization Can Build A World Class Finance Team Advice from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council Today's finance team is no longer a group in the back office, counting the dollars, reporting the numbers and ensuring internal...

US-China trade deal coming soon? Big companies are not buying it

"While at a macro level it’s easy to understand the motivation behind the recent policy changes, I can’t find a single CFO who has told me it would be a positive for his or her business." Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council Jack McCullough,...

Rookie Mistakes: Lessons Learned from CFOLC Members

Jack McCullough, Founder & President, CFO Leadership Council recently connected with CFOs across our 27 chapters on their rookie mistakes starting out in their careers & the big lessons learned.  He shares his findings. Several CFOLC members recently shared their...

The Indispensable CFO: Viewpoint From Angela Tise, National Membership Chair & Northeast Regional Director

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself! The more you learn, the more you'll earn!  ~ Warren Buffett The CFO Leadership Council held a program back in December in our NYC chapter on The Indispensable CFO.  This title made me think to myself, what...

New Talent Mandata For CFOs: Advice from Tatum's Monica Foster

This article was authored by Monica Foster, National Managing Partner of Talent Management, Tatum Associates, a proud national sponsor of The CFO Leadership Council. Many CFOs agree that finding qualified talent to join their team is their biggest constraint on growth, so investing in human capital is more important now than ever. The role of the CFO is undergoing a transformation at most organizations today: Gone are the days when the finance function existed as a backward-facing, number crunching silo. In its place is a vision of the CFO as a future-oriented, cross-functional leader capable of spearheading strategic planning to

Building High Performance Teams Is Key To CFO Success from Tatum's President, Macon Albertson

  By Macon Albertson President, Tatum Professionals Whether you’re a brand-new CFO or a time-tested veteran, perhaps the most important factor in your success is having the right high-performing team behind you. Yet, securing high-performing talent — and keeping them engaged and motivated — may be one of the most challenging aspects of a CFO’s job, especially in today’s competitive hiring environment. It may be difficult, but it’s necessary given the increasing pressure to “add value.” Finance has evolved from simple bean counting to become a function that contributes to day-to-day operations and drives critical business decisions. While it’s essential

Impact of Revenue Recognition Standards Extends Far Beyond A&F from Tatum's President, Macon Albertson

  By Macon Albertson President, Tatum Professionals As if CFOs didn’t have enough on their plates with digital, automation and talent disruptions, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently updated their revenue recognition standards (ASC 606), ensuring that CFOs will be even busier in 2018. Issued as a means of standardizing revenue recognition in the global services economy, the new standards mean CFOs will lead adjustments in policies, systems, processes and controls for reporting revenue — arguably the most important metric in financial statements. Bloomberg calls it “the most historic accounting changes to hit U.S. capital markets in decades.” Although

4 Key Attributes Every Top-Performing CFO Should Possess 

  Article by Macon Albertson President, Tatum Professionals Defining the role of a top-performing CFO is growing more and more difficult as the responsibilities and oversight continue to expand well beyond risk management, regulatory compliance and all things financial. Even new terms for the “CFO” have been bantered about with some calling these executives Chief Future Officer or Chief Frontier Officer. These terms highlight the increasingly strategic role of CFOs to drive business decisions and prepare the enterprise for future growth. The truth is, CEOs want and need CFOs to be true business partners. And, the reality is that for

Rethinking Corporate Performance Using KPIs: The CFOs Playbook from Tatum's President, Macon Albertson

  By Macon Albertson President, Tatum Professionals Call it serendipity but if you flip around the acronym for key performance indicators (KPIs), it could also stand for the age-old mantra “knowledge is power.” Coincidence or not, the truth is that knowledge IS power for the modern CFO, and KPIs can effectively reign in the right knowledge and data that will drive corporate performance. The challenge is the amount of data that today’s enterprises generate can make choosing, finding and measuring relevant KPIs much more complex and difficult. Get KPIs right and corporate performance will improve; Get them wrong and you

Going Global And Preparing For International Expansion: Thoughts From Monica Foster Of Tatum

In today’s competitive corporate world, international expansion is an obvious solution to organizational growth.  But, with so much planning and risk taking involved, it is imperative to have a solid plan of action and there are many factors involved.  For expert advice, take a look at our latest “thought piece” by Monica Foster, National Managing Partner of Talent Management for Tatum, a company that serves to help resolve the challenges of today’s CFOs.  A key leader at Tatum with more than 10 years of recruiting and placement expertise, Monica oversees the company’s innovative talent acquisition strategies, analyzes national market trends

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