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RockStar CFOs In Times Of Crisis, Jack McCullough’s Latest for Forbes CFO Network

Rockstar CFOs In Times Of Crisis "During the dotcom crash and the economic slowdown of 2008, the role of the CFO gained in importance and respect. This phenomenon is likely to be repeated during today’s crisis." Jack is a Senior Contributor to Forbes CFO Network.  An...

CFOLC Announces CFO Masterclass Keynote Series, co-hosted with MIT Sloan

Survive To Thrive! A Virtual CFO Masterclass Keynote Series CFO Leadership Council has once again joined forces with MIT Sloan Executive Education Survive Then Thrive! Announcing a first-ever CFO Masterclass Keynote Series we're co-hosting with MIT Sloan Executive...

Lease & Economy Insights to Business Leaders from Hughes Marino EVP David Marino

Hughes Marino EVP David Marino Provides Lease & Economy Insights to Business Leaders During CFO Leadership Council Webinar - Latest from HM Blog David covered a variety of commercial real estate and economic topics during the two-hour webinar. An excerpt below. In the...

The CFOs Role In A Global Crisis, Jack McCullough’s Latest for Forbes CFO Network

The CFO's Role In A Global Crisis "As a leader, you are responsible for the well-being of your team. While you cannot solve all of their problems, this is a time to show compassion and patience, even while you continue to expect optimal performance." Jack is a Senior...

Did Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution Include Spending More Time at Home? Is the New Normal Social Distancing and Working Remotely?

Did Your 2020 New Year's Resolution Include Spending More Time at Home? Is the New Normal Social Distancing and Working Remotely? Insight from Stuart Pasternak, Toronto Regional Director, CFO Leadership Council Clearly, 2020 has become a game-changer, affecting us...

Employee Engagement and Training of Accounting Teams during COVID-19

Employee Engagement and Training of Accounting Teams during COVID-19 Insights from Leah Gray, CFO & Steering Committee Member, CFOLC Seattle Chapter "Fortunately, many Accounting Professionals have enjoyed working and accessing their systems remotely for over fifteen...

Surviving Today’s Technology Complexity, One CAO’s True Story

Surviving Today’s Technology Complexity, One CAO’s True Story Requirements in the back office have grown exponentially while reporting deadlines remain fixed. New accounting standards, ASC606 and ASC 842, and new business models, such as the subscription economy and IoT, are driving this change.  Technology is the answer, but the game has changed significantly.   The “Cloud” was to provide new benefits but brings new challenges.  Instead of delivering insight to leadership, finance teams are forced to direct time to overcome these technology challenges. Old models for automating no longer apply, and finance leaders must embrace new approaches to avoid significant risks to the business. Tom Zauli, SVP & General Manager, Softrax will facilitate an insightful discussion with special guest speaker, Michael Smith, Chief Accounting Officer, Tyler Technologies at our 9th annual CFO Leadership Conference. (Pillar #5 – Technology, Disruption & Change ~ Tuesday, May 14th @ 10:40am).

Spotlight on Information Technology

“It wasn’t so many years ago that pre-acquisition assessments of a company’s technology were limited to check-the-box activities”, reflected Patrick Moroney, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Central States Funds and previously CIO of several private equity-backed industrial and healthcare companies.  “Meantime, the level of connected-ness among a company’s operations, financial results, and its information systems has completely changed that.  Acquirers must consider the increasing dependency of all organizational functions on technology as digitization and a globally-pervasive internet raising competitive standards.  The thoughtfulness of a target’s technology strategy (or its absence) can provide leading indicators of post-closing surprises that could make-or-break

GDPR Part IV – Maintenance

  Well, the end of May is here and GDPR is now in effect. Realizing that all along, I’ve stated that the articles that I’ve written are a three-part series, I find myself needing to write one last article on the Regulation. Actually, the conversation with my compliance manager went something like this “Sue-you’ve written a series of articles telling everyone how to prepare for GDPR. How can you not write about what to do after the Regulation goes into effect? You’re doing a disservice to the industry.” This discussion occurred over and over and over until I finally gave

GDPR Part III – Technology Is Your Friend

  It’s now May 2018. The Regulation’s grace period is over on the 25th – is your company ready for GDPR? In this series of articles, I started out by trying to clarify the ambiguity of The Regulation. Last month’s article discussed the staggering fines for non-compliance. For this month, the discussion will be on the impact to the business and how technology can help in achieving compliance. Let’s start with an important process that should be a part of every company – Access Control and end with other types of technology that should be considered to meet the needs

CEO of Sand Hill East Offers Executive Primer on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

  This article was reposted with permission by our partners at Oracle + NetSuite, and was authored by Emily Houghton, Industry Marketing Lead. To view the original article, please go here. In preparation for the first installment of NetSuite’s upcoming four-part webinar series on blockchain and cryptocurrency, we sat down with Andy Brown, Founder and CEO of Sand Hill East to discuss some of the topics he will discuss in the first webinar, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Part 1: A Beginner’s Guide. Brown has an extensive background working with both big banks and small start-ups—from his time as CTO of UBS,

GDPR: What's Clear Is That It's Not Clear

  Over the last several months, I’ve been speaking with as many companies as possible about GDPR and the one topic that continuously comes up, is that the regulation is open to interpretation and that the upcoming law is unclear about how to achieve compliance. One must wonder; if this version of Y2K in 2018, is a huge rouse or another way for attorneys to make a boatload of money. For the latter, the lawyers are making money, but not for sinister reasons, they are here to help us interpret a sizeable law and one that is indeed, unclear. Written

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