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The Indispensable CFO: Viewpoint From Angela Tise, National Membership Chair & Northeast Regional Director

Coming up on December 11th in our NYC chapter, we are holding a discussion that I know will be quite interesting – the topic is on The Indispensable CFO.  This title made me think to myself, what does a CFO ( or financial executive headed toward this position) have to...

Spotlight on Information Technology

“It wasn’t so many years ago that pre-acquisition assessments of a company’s technology were limited to check-the-box activities”, reflected Patrick Moroney, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Central States Funds and previously CIO of several private equity-backed...

Opening the Door to Acquisitions – Identifying and Engaging with Sellers

Some companies pursue growth through acquisitions by initiating a search for potential targets suited to their strategy.  Other firms may be prompted to consider acquisition by seeing potential in a company they already do business with (or compete against). Whether a...

3 Skills Today’s Finance Leaders Need

The job description of the modern CFO has certainly changed in recent years. A chief financial officer no longer just crunches numbers and looks at financial statements all day. As traditional finance work continues to make the rapid shift to digital, transactional...

How the #MeToo Movement is Changing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The climate of the workplace is ever-changing, but a recent shift that was spurred by the #MeToo movement is making it extremely important for companies and employees to pay even closer attention. With numerous states enacting new laws and legislation to respond to...

Demonstrating Resilience and Adaptability in Changing Times

Every business landscape can prove challenging to navigate, but in today’s climate demonstrating resilience and adaptability is key when times get tough. At the 2018 CFO Leadership Conference, Rebook’s Craig Thornton, Vice President of Finance, and John Lynch, Vice...

Mindy Barker, CFOLC Co-Chair, Announces Release of Finance Book, Pitching To Win

Mindy Barker of Barker Associates and Co-Chair for The CFO Leadership Council's Jacksonville chapter, has announced the release of her new book Pitching to Win: Strategies for Success. Drawing on Barker’s extensive experience working in private equity and financial management, the book offers practical advice for pitching a business to investors, including how to get a company infrastructure-ready and how to create pitch materials.  Barker recently hosted a webcast for CFOLC members, sharing her expertise on the subject. Barker developed the idea for the book after seeing the need for a broader understanding of the process of selling a business and

New Chapters, Outstanding Programs, And Great Networking Options - We're Off To A Great Start! See What's In Store For September.

After a busy and productive summer of program planning, we're ready to begin a new season, as we kick off our September events and launch four new chapters - Austin, Dallas, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, and South Florida.  Find a location near you and see what's happening in the month ahead: ATLANTA: Law School For The CFO Thursday, September 15 @ 3:30 pm The office of Smith, Gambrell, & Russell, LLP, 1230 Peachtree Street N.E. Join us for a chance to get practical legal advice straight from our experts, as we discuss major topics that CFOs and senior financial professionals encounter on

Join Our Fast Growing Network Of Senior Financial Leaders! Membership Is Open And Best Rates End On June 30.

Whether your goal is to stay informed of the latest industry news and trends, network with your peers, bring fresh ideas to your company, or focus on taking your career to a new level, we have all of the resources for you to achieve the best results.  Our renowned community of senior financial professionals can provide you with the combined wisdom, experience, and advice that you need to succeed, as we help you to tackle all of the challenges that you encounter along the way.    Since 2006, our exclusive group has been serving the business community with fresh and

CFO Talent Show, Great Speaker Events, and Many Networking Opportunities -  See What's In Store For May.

With May finally upon us, we have so many great events to anticipate in the month ahead, including our 2016 CFO Talent Show.  Here's a look at our upcoming chapter programs, all designed with your business needs in mind:   The Habits Of Highly Successful CFOs Tuesday, May 10 @ 7:45 am Jeffer, Mangels Butler, & Mitchell, LLP, 3 Park Plaza, Irvine Presented by The Orange County CFO Leadership Council Come and learn what our area experts advise us about the role of today’s CFO and find out how it has dramatically evolved over the past several years. In addition

What's On Our Agenda For April? Take A Look At Our Outstanding Programs And Find The One That Meets Your Business Needs.

We've been busy! And, as we get ready for our stellar 2016 CFO Talent Show in May, we are still diligently preparing our regular monthly programs for you.  Here’s what’s ahead in April: Law School For The CFO Thursday, April 7 @ 3:30 pm The office of Freeborn and Peters, LLP,  311 South Wacker Drive, Chicago Presented by The Chicago CFO Leadership Council  Join us for a chance to get practical legal advice straight from our experts, as we discuss major topics that CFOs and senior financial professionals encounter on a daily basis, including employment law, social media practices, and

What's New On Our End? Take A Look At Our March Programs!

It’s another great month ahead, with plenty of outstanding programs coming your way, all designed with your business needs in mind.

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