CFO Leadership Conference: East

Boston Marriott Copley Place | Boston, MA | June 6 – 8

CFO Leadership
Conference East

June 6 – 8, 2023
Boston, MA


Boston Marriott Copley Place
110 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
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Featuring Keynotes from


Former CFO,
Enron Corporation

Sarin, M.D.

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, AstraZeneca


Former CEO,


Fenway Sports Group

Why Attend?

3 days of live, in-person collaboration with your finance peers and inspiration from world-class experts.  Get ready for the real tactics you need to become the strategic leader in these unprecedented times.

 Tackle Critical Issues

Join your finance peers from multiple industries and organizations to tackle the critical issues you need to stay current in your role

Peer-Tested Tactics & Strategies

Gain peer-tested tactics and strategies to help you and your organization accelerate growth and profitability – no matter the state of the economy

Real-world advice & insights

Attend three custom-crafted days of pragmatic, real-world advice and insights from CFOs and world-renowned experts

Discover best practices
& avoid mistakes

Hear directly from experts to help you understand the trends, sort out your options, and discover the key best practices you need to think through more strategically—and avoid mistakes.


92% of attendees are the top finance or accounting decision-maker at their company


10 CPEs offered*

Tuesday, June 6

1:30P – 3:00P

Pre-Event Workshop: Women in Leadership, Win When They Say You Won’t

Additional registration required. For Conference attendees only.

3:30P – 5:00P

Pre-Event Workshop: Foundational Mindset for Elite Leaders

Additional registration required. For Conference attendees only.

5:00P – 7:00P

Welcome Reception & Exhibit Hall Open

Wednesday, June 7

8:00a – 9:00a

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00a – 9:10a

Opening Remarks

Jack McCullough, CFO Leadership Council

9:10a – 10:00a

Keynote: How a World Class CFO Drives Growth in a Complex Environment

Speaker: Dr. Aradhana Sarin, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, AstraZeneca

Moderator: Erin L. Scott, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management, MIT Sloan School of Management

Dr. Aradhana Sarin is CFO of AstraZeneca, a global $200 billion pharmaceutical company. Dr. Sarin’s weaves a fascinating story on her journey from medical doctor in India and Africa, through Wall Street and finally to CFO.

But in addition to the inspiring personal story, you’ll be treated to important business lessons from an outstanding CFO. By attending this featured session, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of:

  • what it takes to be a CFO of a global company
  • the role of finance chiefs in developing corporate strategic plans
  • how to contribute to both organic and M & A growth goals
  • how to meet the challenge of navigating through a heavily-regulated environment
  • what it takes to assume the role of corporate leader.

10:00a – 10:50a

Visionary Panel – NetSuite
Beyond KPIs:  How CFO “Storytellers” Chart the Road to Profitability

Kevin Golloway, Sales Enablement and Communications Advisor, Oracle/NetSuite

Terry Coelho, Board Member, First Wave BioPharma, Inc.

Melissa Herman, CFO, Login VSI

To put your company on the road to profitability, you need to acquire the best data and KPIs. But numbers are not enough. The most successful CFOs today are becoming expert storytellers as they communicate the narrative behind the data.

Join us as we talk with professional storyteller Kevin Galloway to reveal how to acquire and hone this sought-after skill. Kevin is a professional actor, educator, and presenter. He and fellow financial leaders will host a panel that will share insights on:

  • how to become a key storyteller in your organization,
  • the three top storytelling skills you need to acquire,
  • what it takes to make your data more compelling,
  • how to sell your ideas to lead effectively in a challenging economy,
  • tips to effectively communicate data insights to drive your strategy forward,
  • how finance leaders link storytelling to profitability.

10:50a – 11:20a


11:20a – 12:10p

Breakout Sessions


Speaker: Jason Quinn, CFO/COO of Vendr

In this challenging business environment, finance leaders look to their company from their rivals. Now they are enlisting software as a competitive tool. The outcome promises to be a better return on investment.

This interactive session will demonstrate how to:

  • evaluate current systems
  • replace outdated tech with a cost-effective software stack,
  • lower expense, improve productivity and enhance customer relationships.

    12:15p – 1:15p

    Networking Lunch

    1:15p – 1:45p

    Networking in the Exhibit Hall

    1:45p – 2:35p

    Visionary Panel – Imagine360
    Flip the Script: Turn Employee Benefits from Cost Burden to Competitive Edge

    Steve Kelly, Chairman and Co-founder, Imagine360

    Rebeccah Randles, National Director of Business Development, Imagine360

    Jason Hamelin, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Werfen

    Bill Harju, CFO, USA Hauling & Recycling

    Healthcare represents one of a business’s largest, most unpredictable, and growing expenses. As costs continue to rise, companies have been forced to pass those costs onto their employees in the form of higher deductibles and premiums.

    During this thought-provoking, interactive panel discussion, you will acquire these value-packed takeaways to turn healthcare benefits into a competitive advantage:

    • How to utilize data in planning benefits strategy
    • Why price transparency is vital
    • Which cost containment practices work best
    • What to expect in terms of recruiting and retention outcomes

    2:35p – 3:20p

    Keynote: Overcoming Obstacles to Global Expansion

    Speaker: Julie Swinehart, EVP & CFO, Fenway Sports Group

    Moderator: Ben Shields, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

    How does a CFO strike a balance between its current operations and future growth plans as well as manage its financial resources effectively to secure its long-term stability and sustainability? And how can you adapt these solutions to your own situation?

    You’ll find out in this insightful discussion with Julie Swinehart, CFO of Fenway Sports Group (FSG), a leading sports conglomerate with a range of sports teams, venues, and media properties. She will offer an inside perspective on the financial and strategic challenges as FSG continues to expand globally. Julie will be joined by Ben Shields, a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management and a renowned expert in sports, media, and entertainment.

    Don’t miss this groundbreaking presentation. Learn how Julie Swinehart and her team manage costs, maximize revenue, and reduce risk through financial planning and analysis.

    By attending this program, you can return to the office with these valuable takeaways:

    • How to overcome financial and strategic challenges in leading a global business
    • How to balance the desire of fans to “win now” with the responsibility of running a financially responsible global enterprise
    • How to use modern technology to maximize revenue growth, field a competitive team on the field, and optimize the fan experience
    • Proven recommendations to protect and grow the brand in a financially responsible way.
    • How to value and protect the integrity of the brand in the competitive world of global athletics
    • Ways to use key financial and non-financial metrics that determine company success

    3:20p – 3:40p


    3:40p – 4:30p

    Breakout Sessions


    Speaker: Jason Quinn, CFO/COO of Vendr

    In this challenging business environment, finance leaders look to their company from their rivals. Now they are enlisting software as a competitive tool. The outcome promises to be a better return on investment.

    This interactive session will demonstrate how to:

    • evaluate current systems
    • replace outdated tech with a cost-effective software stack,
    • lower expense, improve productivity and enhance customer relationships.

      4:30p – 4:40p


      4:40p – 5:30p

      CFO Roundtables and Closing Remarks

      5:30p – 7:00p

      Networking Reception

      Thursday, June 8

      8:00a – 9:00a

      Networking Breakfast

      9:00a – 9:10a

      Opening Remarks

      Jack McCullough, CFO Leadership Council

      9:10a – 10:00a

      Keynote: Be the Leader Who Inspires Your Team to Greater Accomplishments

      Speaker: Bill George, Former CEO, Medtronic

      Moderator: Dan Bigman, Editor-In-Chief, Chief Executive & Corporate Board Member

      It’s time to step up to be the leader your organization wants and needs. It’s not just about talking up vision. It’s about showing the way to make everyone else better and able to achieve their job goals and company objectives. How? By leading with purpose and by inspiring and coaching your teammates and fellow leaders. In this keynote, Bill George, former chairman and CEO of Medtronic will highlight key points from his latest bestseller, Emerging Leader Edition of the “True North” bestseller.

      You will learn to:

      1. Become a moral leader who leads with EQ, self-awareness, compassion, values, and courage by following their North Star.
      2. Become a coaching leader who cares, aligns, organizes, challenges and helps their teams.
      3. Discover your True North, turning your crucibles into inspiration to accomplish extraordinary things
      4. Lead through today’s challenges, creating inclusive cultures, and leading through crises.

      10:00a – 10:50a

      Visionary Panel – Robert Half
      Guide to Achieving Long-Term Business Growth

      Jim Dinneen, Managing Vice President Managed Business Services at Robert Half

      Andrea Vardaro Thomas, Managing Director at Protiviti

      Michael Bayer, CFO, Wasabi

      Loretta Keane, CFO,

      Current economic conditions, including inflation, have forced many organizations to adopt a near-term, tactical strategy. But long-term growth is within the grasp of most firms if they adopt a more agile style and perspective.

      In this session, you will learn:

      • how to overcome a short-term fixation,
      • why agile firms achieve better financial results,
      • what practical steps you should take to get team members to think strategically,
      • how to connect the dots between talent, technology, data, and analytics.

      10:50a – 11:20a


      11:20a – 12:10p

      Breakout Sessions

      Build a Resilient Team to Achieve Financial Goals

      Anna King, CFO, Mesh Payments

      Asaf Hanegby, Director of Finance, Mesh Payments

      Today the role of finance goes well beyond processing transactions and updating accounting books, to providing data and intel that will position your company to achieve its financial goals.

      Heads of finance need the best metrics and most talented teams to meet change head on— that means minimize risk and take advantage of growth opportunities. But developing finance talent is easier said then done.

      CFO Anna King and Asaf Hanegby, Director of Finance at Mesh, will share their perspectives and insights on talent optimization. The session will provide these key takeaways:

      • what to look for in key hires, from controller to bookkeeper,
      • how to develop and maintain a remote team structure for the finance team,
      • ways to streamline workflows,
      • how to achieve better outcomes and a highly-engaged team.

      12:15p – 2:00p

      Lunch Keynote: The CFO’s Ultimate Cautionary Tale:
      Lessons from Enron’s Former Finance Chief

      Speaker: Andy Fastow, former CFO, Enron

      Legal and regulatory risk continues to plague CFOs in every size company and industry. In this special session, former Enron CFO Andy Fastow will demonstrate—

      • red flags that signal legal and finance pitfalls ahead…and how to avoid them,
      • how the ambiguity and complexity of laws and regulations breed opportunity for problematic decisions,
      • what actions corporate officers should take to not only follow the rules, but uphold the principles behind them to minimize risk.

      Fastow represents the ultimate cautionary tale for chief financial officers and their teams.  He was once recognized as one of top CFOs in the country, and an innovator in his field.  The Enron bankruptcy was the biggest in history at the time, costing thousands of jobs, while wiping out over $40 billion in shareholder value and retirement savings.  Fastow plead guilty to two counts of securities fraud and served six years in a federal prison for his role in the bankruptcy.  His presentation will be a candid retelling of the Enron bankruptcy, and he will offer his insights on the financial and other business scandals today.

      2:00p – 2:30p



      Closing Remarks

      Exhibit hall closed

      *Pending NASBA approval on final agenda. | Full agenda will be posted soon.

      Pre-Event Workshops

      Limited to 50 seats | $99 each

      Must register for conference for more info

      Women in Leadership,
      Win When They Say You Won’t

      Tuesday, June 6 | 1:30pm – 3pm ET

      Daphne E. Jones was told by her career counselor that Black girls don’t successfully make it in college, but should instead go to secretary school.  She followed his advice, but today she’s a corporate board member who has held CIO and other leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira (now Pfizer) and General Electric. She defied everyone’s expectations and went from the bottom to the top of the white male dominated field of STEM.  What can you learn from her success? Believe you can win.

      In our Women in Leadership Workshop, Daphne will share a framework to help you achieve the career of your dreams, based on key takeaways from her new book, WIN WHEN THEY SAY YOU WON’T: Break Through Barriers and Keep Leveling Up Your Success.

      The interactive workshop will allow you to work through a four step “EDIT” methodology — Envision, Design, Iterate, and Transform – so you can transform your mindset to win. Join a group of high-achieving female executives to help each other on your career journeys. Discussion topics will include:

      • How women can win in the absence of support
      • How to not get caught in the trap of responding without a strategy
      • How to work smarter, not harder 
      • How to think and behave like an active project manager of your career—calling your own plays and not watching your career from the sidelines
      • How to become a better contributor at work by using the W.A.I.T. method (Why.Am.I.Talking?)
      • The 4 Cs approach that helped Daphne learn when to receive, reject or respond to feedback

      Foundational Mindset
      Workshop for Elite Leaders

      Tuesday, June 6 | 3:30pm-5pmET

      Most leaders attain a certain level of success and then hit a bewildering glass ceiling they can’t seem to smash. They hear they need to take their leadership to the “next level,” yet no one bothers to explain what that means, much less how to do it.

      But laying the foundations of elite leadership is more straightforward than many leaders expect — and you don’t have to change your very nature to achieve it. Fundamentally reframing how you look at the world – and your place in it – is the surest and fastest way to build the muscle that will catapult you to the ranks of elite leaders.

      In this fast-paced, thought-provoking workshop, you’ll learn simple and effective ways to reimagine your success formula while staying true to who you are and avoiding the trap of corporate politics.

      • Learn the two transformational mindset shifts that ensure you’ll make the right calls under fire.
      • Find out how to always show up confidently, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds.
      • Discover the secret to cultivating loyal followership and developing the superpower to influence others at scale.

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