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The impact of Covid over the past few years has been broad reaching and perhaps unmatched in our lifetimes. First and foremost, it has been a ‘People’ event. For businesses, with people being their most important asset, we have had to consider a whole new set of challenges (and opportunities). How we work. Where and why we work. Employees behaviors and attitudes have changed. Maybe forever.

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No matter how much technology we invest in, automation and process improvement we undertake, strategic competitiveness we strive for…nothing can be done without the human capacity to make decisions and execute plans.

There are common themes among our three featured articles. Does your work environment meet the behavioral changes of today’s workforce? Hybrid, remote, flexible, social, collaborative – what do your people need to thrive? Can your company compete for talent in the current environment? And does your culture promote gratitude, appreciation, and employee engagement to provide an outstanding people experience? That is your People Eco-system.

Creating a successful hybrid office

The pandemic altered our lives with seismic effect. Long enduring norms have and continue to be questioned and one of the most dramatic changes is how and where we perform our work. Some might think that the office is an afterthought. On the contrary, while the traditional office role has changed, it has become more important than ever. As more data about innovation is gathered and studied, it is becoming clear that the role of in person interaction is more important than previously thought. Since employees now have more choices in where and when they work, the physical interaction between employer and employee is critical to get right. Creating a Successful Hybrid Office explores the key elements of how an employer can maximize and curate the experience the employee receives and more importantly, deliver a branding that can’t be projected virtually.

There are basically three levels of “office subscription” occurring in the market right now.

5 Human Capital Strategies CFOs Can Use Now to Start Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

Finance leaders have rare opportunity coming out of the pandemic experience to build on successes and lessons learned over the past two years and start building tomorrow’s workforce. This needs to be a priority, as hiring and retention are already significant challenges for most U.S. employers. Read this article to learn more about how CFOs and other business leaders can help their companies gain an edge in hiring and retention, while shaping their workforce of the future.

Building tomorrow’s workforce needs to be a priority, considering that hiring and retention are already significant challenges for most U.S. employers.

The CFO Guide to Gratitude

Employee engagement is no longer an HR problem, it is a business problem.

If you are reading this it’s likely because your company is thinking about doing something more for the team. Gallup reports that only 22% of employees are engaged in their work. If you could increase engagement, here’s what you stand to gain:

  • Health costs for engaged employees are 41% less than their counterparts and 62% less than those of employees who are actively disengaged — this is largely due to benefits of positive mental health accompanying work that’s rewarding — or maybe employees with a more positive disposition view work as more rewarding than those who do not
  • Turnover for this same group is 32% less
  • Productivity for this same group is 13% higher
  • Profitability increases by 22%
It’s the ‘thanks’ that matters, not just the stuff.

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