The CFOLC Proudly Announces a Partnership with CGMA!

Now CFOLC members can benefit from an exclusive offer with the CGMA Finance Leadership Program! Whether you recently started a new job or seek an edge to get the next mid-career promotion, automation is affecting entire roles. Business opportunities require additional digital and finance skills, and organizations expect their employees to add more value than ever before. You need to learn new skills to stand out, and you need tangible proof to show your employer what you offer.

Introducing the CGMA Finance Leadership Program

The CGMA Finance Leadership Program is an online learning program, similar in scope and rigor to a master’s degree, that teaches you the finance, business, people and leadership skills that you need to succeed in the finance team of the future.  It will develop an unbeatable combination of strong financial rigor with keen business knowledge and people skills that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and enable you to add strategic value to any organization. Begin your CGMA Finance Leadership Program journey today.

The CFO Leadership Council is committed to developing the next generation of CFOs.  We are confident that the CGMA Finance Leadership Program will provide aspiring CFOs the technical, business, and strategic leadership skills that they will need not only to earn the CFO Role, but to excel once in the position.  We are excited to be able to partner with the CGMA to provide this benefit to our members and their teams.

Jack McCullough

Founder & President, The CFO Leadership Council

The CFO Leadership Council is an organization that is about equipping the present and future leaders of finance and is dedicated to empowering senior financial executives to realize success.  I am really excited about our partnership with the CFO LC as it underscores the relevance and the strength of the  CGMA Finance Leadership program in meeting the needs of these senior finance executives and their teams.

Ash Noah

Managing Director of CGMA Learning, Education & Development, AICPA

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